Now I've talked before about the dangers of the extreme rhetoric we're seeing in the gun control debate, but here's a piece that really exemplifies what I'm talking about.

The kicker? This guy's an Arkansas state rep. Republican, of course. And a lifetime member of the NRA. Hat tip, Huffington Post.

The NRA and hardcore gun fanatics (no, I don't mean average gun owners and enthusiasts; I mean the kind that preference a chunk of metal over innocent human lives) have been able to steer the conversation in our country away from a civil discourse on how we can save innocent lives into a situation where people feel that it's perfectly appropriate to joke about people fearing for their lives at the hands of terrorists. Or telling people who have lost their children to gun violence to "deal with it" and "go to hell", as Minnesota radio host Bob Davis did the other day.

When the poison has reached even our elected officials, however, we have a serious problem.

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Still going to keep mine, since it's part of a topic I've earlier discussed. aadvark, however, has contact info for the schmuck in question, so if you feel inclined to respond, check his report out.

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