Law enforcement continues to search for suspect Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev who eluded capture last night after his brother was killed in a shootout with authorities. For a quick recap of where things stand, check out this graphic from from The New York Times featuring a chronology of events as well as a map of what took place and where, from the killing of MIT police officer Sean Collier to the car chase and shootout after the brothers used an A.T.M.

You may recall that earlier there was a huge rush of activity in Watertown, with media being told to move back and get down to the ground. NBC reported seeing a person lying flat on the ground, wearing turquoise. It appeared that person was either the suspect or an accomplice, but it turns out it was just an innocent bystander and the manhunt continues.

12:36 PM PT (Laura Clawson):
Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Big Apple Circus canceled for 4/19. Bruins may play 4/20; Would have been first home game for Red Sox since Marathon
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12:42 PM PT (Laura Clawson): Oh, CNN, you are so awful:

Another Uncle on CNN asking clutch of reporters if they will leave if he answers their questions.
@AdamSerwer via web
CNN now interviewing uncle who hasn't seen his nephews in three years.
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1:09 PM PT (Laura Clawson):
UPDATE: #MGH Marathon Patients: 10 remain admitted, 3 in serious condition, 6 in fair condition, 1 in good condition via @jessmayb3
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