It's not unusual for folks on this online venue to quickly indulge themselves in competitive Congressional races, or even noncompetitive races that, with the right twists and turns, could eventually turn into competitive races.

However, when the mainstream media start running articles about a newly competitive Senate election that would otherwise be assumed to be noncompetitive, it really gets my attention. And when that mainstream media article has a headline showing that Republicans are nervous, it really gets my attention.

So, it was a bit of a surprise, a pleasing one at that, to see this article on Yahoo's main page about how the race for Georgia's Senate seat next year already has Republicans on edge (see link below). When even the mainstream media, usually owned-bought-and-paid-for shills for the Republicans that usually control them, says Republicans are nervous, it usually means they are extremely nervous.

 Here's the link to the article:

Of course, to a lot of progressives, there's hardly much difference, policy-wise should a conservative Democrat like Rep. John Barrow be elected to succeed Saxby Chambliss in the Senate, or whether it's a Republican. To my way of thinking, that's a bit of a stretch because having a Democrat, who helps put Democrats in charge of the Senate and all its committees would be far preferable under any circumstances than any Republican who would enable the typical Republican filth politics should they control that body. Plus, though a conservative Democrat will  likely disappoint us progressive Democrats frequently, the chances are better, on any particular piece of legislation, for a conservative Democrat to actually support it...or at least not participate in Republican obstructionism of it, meaning a conservative Democrat from a very conservative state like Georgia is a far better preference than ANY Republican from that state.

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