Watch out President Obama, it's a coordinated Twitter hashtag attack coming from the same guys that invented #Obamaquester. It started with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus:

FAA doesn't have to delay your flight, so why don't they and Obama reprioritize? http://t.co/... #ObamaFlightDelays
@Reince via Twitter for iPhone
And then John Boehner joined in:
FAA has flexibility to cut costs w/o delaying air travelers; why won’t President Obama let them? http://j.mp/...  #ObamaFlightDelays
@SpeakerBoehner via web
And then Boehner's spokesman:
The president should be implementing sequestration in a way to minimize disruptions. The FAA is doing the opposite. #ObamaFlightDelays
@Brendan_Buck via TweetDeck
And then House Majority Leader Eric Cantor:
Why is President Obama unnecessarily delaying your flight? FAA can reprioritize. http://t.co/... #ObamaFlightDelays
@GOPLeader via Drafts on iOS
And of course the GOP itself:
GRAPHIC: Experiencing flight delays? Call the WH at 202-456-1111. http://t.co/... #ObamaFlightDelays
@GOP via TweetDeck
If Republicans really were aghast at government cuts, they could oppose government cuts. Instead, they taking the transparently political approach of saying that "other" things should be cut without ever saying what those "other" things are.

I can't defend the president for including a Social Security cut in his budget in a doomed effort to win these guys over, but I do think it's fair to point out that none of this stuff was going on when Democrats controlled the House. The sequester is only a thing because Republicans won in 2010 and demanded a ransom for the debt limit. The sequester is still with us because they gerrymandered the hell out the House and held onto it in 2012. The only real solution is for Democrats to win in 2014. Otherwise it's just going to be more of this nonsense.

Originally posted to The Jed Report on Mon Apr 22, 2013 at 01:11 PM PDT.

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