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Meanwhile, the industry group Airlines for America on Friday took the legal step of filing a motion for a stay in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, seeking a 30-day delay in the furloughs and legislation for a long-term preventative measure. President and CEO Nicholas Calio said the agency has greater flexibility to avoid the cuts than it acknowledges. “The math simply does not work, and it is irresponsible to suggest that a 10 percent reduction of air traffic control hours should mean 40 percent fewer flights can arrive on time,” Calio said. “It’s unjust, unnecessary and completely irresponsible.”

Other industry groups backed the suit, including the Air Line Pilots Association, International. “This is a unique situation,” said its president Capt. Lee Moak. “ Our entire aviation system will struggle to maintain normality due to furloughs of these essential workers. The economic viability of our country depends on this mode of transportation; everyone will be affected.”

The groups were joined by the Regional Airline Association, which said in a statement that “the impact on our industry sector, especially our 160 million annual passengers, cannot be overstated.” Regional airlines operate at least a quarter of the flights at each of the 14 airports FAA has identified for high operational delays, it said, “and at four of the eight most impacted airports, regionals fly more than one half the daily flights: Chicago O’Hare (64 percent), Minneapolis-St. Paul (54 percent), New York LaGuardia (52 percent) and Newark Liberty (51 percent).”

Naturally, Republicans are blaming the entire mess on President Obama.

This should be Exhibit C in why Democrats should never implement Republican policies. Because Republican policies suck. They're awful. But they would never implement them or run on them because they would be terribly unpopular and they would lose. So what they do is convince Democrats to do their work for them and then blame Democrats for policies they've been calling for. They do this time and time again.

Exhibit A: ObamaCare was designed by the Heritage Foundation and first put into practice by the GOP nominee for president. When Obama adopts their plan and does the exact same thing, they run against their own plan and win a landslide election in 2010. The damn thing is still unpopular and we're about to get into the rough bit in 2014.

Exhibit B: President Obama made $760 Billion in cuts in Medicare, cuts recommended by GOP think tanks. Republicans voted for budget that included those very same cuts. Then the GOP turned right around and hammered the President for cutting Medicare by $760 Billion.

Exhibit C: Republicans demand across the board spending cuts in the sequester. Then the sequester happens. Now they are blaming President Obama for those very spending cuts.  

So what do you think would happen if the President cut Social Security? Exactly.

If Republicans want to implement their policies, let them run on them and win elections. But Democrats should never do their dirty work for them. The results speak for themselves.

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