Shin Fool - Mercury Magus - VIII and XI - Explained

Years of study and contemplation have convinced me
that 21 and 22 were switched because:

Letter 22 TAV is a "double letter" (ie a planet)
Letter 21 SHIN is a "mother letter" (ie an element)

By assigning XXI Le Monde the 22nd letter, it could be a planet,
and the desired planet by the revisionists was The Sun, because
The Sun could then be considered "The Star of the Magi" which
suited certain persons/groups.

Later, it was desired that Le Bateleur, renamed The Magician,
or The Magus, should be assigned the planet Mercury because
Mercury was associated with Hermes, and Hermes with Thoth.

Letter 2 BETH is a "double letter" (ie a planet)
Letter 1 ALEPH is a "mother letter" (ie an element)

Le Mat was assigned the 1st letter, and The Magician-Magus
was given the 2nd letter, to thus be assigned planet Mercury.

So, it's not Alchemy, or Magic, or Kabbalah, or anything,
simply misguided ego gratification for a bunch of frauds.

Le Bateluer is letter 1 and Le Mat is letter 22. Simple as that!


Sadly, when the so-called "golden dawn" decided on a Mercury Magus
they changed ALL the alpha-numeric assignments, all 22 of the Majors.

Shortly thereafter it was noticed that:

VIII Justice having letter 9 was now LEO
XI Force (mis-named Strength) was letter 12 LIBRA

So, adding insult to injury, these were "switched" as well (again!).


Justice is letter 8 and Force is letter 11. Simple as that! 


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