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   Good evening, fellow venthooligans. Welcome to yet another Thursday night edition of the IVH! Just to add to our usual delirium

the April full moon will pass through Earth's shadow in a partial lunar eclipse on Thursday (April 25). While the lunar event won't be visible for U.S. stargazers, moon fans can still catch the sight live online in two free webcasts. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/...
The lunar eclipse on Thursday will mark the first eclipse of any kind in 2013, and by sheer cosmic coincidence it will occur during the April full moon, which is also known as the "Pink" Full Moon. It is the first, and likely the best, of three lunar eclipses occurring this year.
   Congrats to Dion Jordan, an outstanding Duck, selected #3 by the Miami Dolphins!
Craig will be busy tonight interviewing actor Zac Efron and author Anna Quindlen. Here's last the LLS from last night…
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