Well I just watched Real Time with Bill Maher where Bill went on about his hate for Presidential libraries, especially the Bush library that allows you to rewrite history.  It was a terrific rant but this was my favorite part of the rant:


Maher also had choice words for Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR), calling him “an asshole” for his statement that while “five jihadists have reached their targets” during President Barack Obama’s administration, none did so during Bush’s two terms — after the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

“I love the way they count terrorism with Bush after 9-11,” Maher said. “‘Except for that one horrible thing.’”

Robert Traynham, dean of the school of continuing studies at Georgetown University, quickly agreed with Maher, calling Cotton’s attack ridiculous.

“What he’s insinuating is that President Obama’s soft on terror, as opposed to President Bush,” Traynham said of Cotton. “This doesn’t even pass the smell test. I mean, every president, obviously, wakes up every single day, looks at the threat assessment, says ‘What can I do to protect all of us?’”

But Cotton’s statements were especially troubling, Avlon said, seeing as how he is a Harvard Law School graduate, a military veteran and Rhodes Scholar.

“Hyper-partisanship makes you stupid,” he told Maher. “You start playing to the cheap seats.” - Raw Story, 4/26/13

You can actually watch Cotton's speech here:

Yes, that's right.  A terrorist attack on American soil never happened under Bush except for that one time members of al-Queda hijacked two planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.  But besides that, there was never a terrorist attack on American soil under Bush.  And what's crazy is Cotton served in Iraq.  I'm curious to hear his excuse for why we invaded Iraq.  Cotton sounds a lot like another Republican loser we all know:


And Cotton is actually considered a strong opponent to take on Senator Mark Pryor (D. AR).  If Pryor end up going up against this guy in next year's election, I have a feeling this race is going to turn out to be the real life version of this:

I've been watching that movie a lot on HBO and The Campaign and it just gets funnier every time I see it.  Plus it's Friday, everyone here could use a laugh.

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