That's what the city of Los Angelas sends to rendering plants to be turned into.... pet food mostly.

Waste not want not I guess, plus all the junk that's in the bodies of sick cats and dogs either gets melted out at the rendering plant or maybe it's not too harmful anyway.

I was reading an article about all this written in Slate by Jackson Landers and it just got me to thinking what a nasty stinky bunch of animals all of us animals are.

I mean the heck with vegetarianism how about just being a vegetable. Short life I guess but not too bad when you go.

My chickens are pumping out an egg a piece per day, but whewee their cage stinks. My wife could care less about eggs and just wants to cut them up and put them in the freezer as they make great soup. I hate all the cutting plucking type stuff, and it's a hot day. I'll keep them another couple months.

Yucky stinky animals we are and so are what we eat and so are our pets and all the feral cats, horses, and pigs they become.

Maybe a durian. They stink but oh so nicely.

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