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State Rep Sarah Peake and State Senator Dan Wolf welcome Ed Markey to Barnstable - at the Cotuit Center for the Arts last Thursday.
Today is the day we vote in the primary for the US Senate seat left open when John Kerry was appointed as Secretary of State.

There is only one candidate in the race who is truly committed to women's rights.

There is no messing around here. Even in MA women's rights are being eroded, daily. Yes we still have the right to chose, but the options - the available places to get reproductive care - are becoming few and far between.

And it still takes until April 9th each year for a woman's pay to equal that of a man the prior calendar year.  Why? We need to elect people who will work on women's issues - not just talk the talk!

Markey gets women's issues.  His democratic opponent doesn't - he claims to while at the same declaring himself pro-life "personally" because he is a good Catholic - and complains that there are some who say he is "not pro-life enough."

It is simple. We mustn't let the progress that has taken generations to gain continue to erode.

If you live in MA get out and vote, don't believe that the poll results mean you don't have to vote - don't think of this as an election that isn't really important. IT IS.

If you don't live in MA but have family, friends, Facebook friends, twitter followers ... ANYONE in MA please tell them to get themselves to their polling place and VOTE FOR ED MARKEY!!!

To find your local polling place visit the Secretary of State's "where do I vote?" page.

State State Rep Sarah Peake with volunteer GOTV coordinator Sue Truitt welcome Markey to Cotuit -
Markey visits voters the Cotuit Center for the Arts this past Thursday

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