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Marriage equality will be on the ballot in Oregon in November 2014, in an effort to overturn a 2004 constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. A decade of discrimination looks like it could be enough for Oregon, with the most recent poll conducted on the issue showing 49 percent for equality and 42 percent opposed. What's particularly encouraging about that number is the wording [pdf] of the poll question.
Poll question on marriage equality in Oregon.
Saying yes to "changing the Oregon constitution" instead of a much more neutral question like "do you support or oppose same sex marriage" indicates that a 49 percent level of support is pretty solid. That's very encouraging, 18 months ahead of the election, and not out of line with polling from PPP last December that found 54 percent of voters think "same-sex marriage should be allowed in Oregon."

This early, the fight to expand equality to Oregon looks good. Let's keep the momentum going. Please contribute now to Oregon United for Marriage.

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