Primarily because of Chicago, I was challenged by the owner of a gun blog to illustrate how well gun control works.

I accepted it.

US = no gun control = 14078 gun homicides= 0.00446% of the population= 4.69 per 100,000

Somalia = no gun control = 138 gun homicides = 0.0000138% of the population = 1.38 per 100,000

Yemen = no gun control = 990 homicides (by any means) = 0.0000413% = 4.30 per 100,000 (this total includes deaths by swords, stonings, long curved knives and guns).

Japan = good gun control = 11 gun homicides= 0.00000866% of population = 0 per 100,000

S. Korea = good gun control = 14 gun homicides = 0.0000290% of population = 0 per 100,000

Spain = good gun control = 67 gun homicides = 0.0000565% of population = 0 per 100,000

Finally, Australia. a single country on both sides of the spectrum! One that had no gun control, then passed legislation which controlled guns. In similar terms out of 100,000, it went  from a high ratio of 4.71 to 1.06....  Gun control where you make it illegal to own a weapon of a military grade, works deliciously well...

Now, blog owner.  Prove how homicides go down when you give everyone a gun...

The NRA has their head wedged so far up their butt, I bet it hurts bad when they try to sit down...

Originally posted to kavips on Mon May 06, 2013 at 03:53 PM PDT.

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