Last year, an impromptu KosAbility Caucus asked me to help coordinate NN13 for individuals with special needs.  I am working with Eric at Netroots Nation to solve a few problems including finding a fleet of powerscooters and power wheelchairs that can be rented at a discount, and rounding up a team volunteers.

Find out how you can a) help, or b) benefit below the squiggly doo-dah!

I have been working with Eric at Netroots Nation to try to assemble a fleet of power scooters and power chairs that can be reserved and rented by those who need them at a discount. We need to assess how many people will make use of this service. Can you tell us in the comment thread below if you will be using one?

The going rate appears to be $150 for the course of the conference. We will try to offer a discount and to have them available at the site, without individual users having to worry about delivery or return.

In addition, we are trying to assemble a team of volunteers who can assist folks with special needs. As with other volunteers, your labor can help to earn a discount off the registration fees. Duties of a KosAbility volunteer might include helping folks with limited mobility to get from place to place or to find a seat, helping to bring lunches or other items to people, helping to set up closed caption, etc.

You can let us know if you'd like to volunteer by telling us in the comment thread, or emailing volunteers@netrootsnation.com. And, if you have any other needs or concerns, no promises, but leave a comment below and we will see what we can do.

Please pass along the link to this diary to anyone you think might like to add their two cents. Are there special needs we're forgetting? Let us know by adding your comments below.

Thank you!

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