If they ever had any credibility in the first place, that is.

Seriously. I never want to hear another word out of these fucking hypocrites again.

But, but, but... It's just one congressional district. SC-01 doesn't represent the views of the Republican Party.
The fuck it doesn't. I hereby resolve to do my small part in shoving the results of this election down the collective throat of the GOP on every future instance in which they attempt to either smear Democrats for even the slightest of transgressions, or to push their laws relating to everything they see as "tradional," "proper," or the way "God intended."

Fucking hypocrites just couldn't find it within themselves to actually practice what they think they preach, and vote for a Democrat. You know, one that might actually do something for their district other than engage in taxpayer-funded spouse-cheating. One that could've put the country one person closer to breaking out of the national clusterfuck we've been submerged in since 2010.

God has forgiven you, Mark Sanford, and that's good enough for the residents of SC-01.

National embarrassment? We gotz it.



For Republicans, "Forever," as used in the title of the diary, will conclude as of 9:00am tomorrow morning, I know.

If Vitter can get reelected, so can Mark Sanford. If Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer can be run out of office over these types of scandals, so can the next Democrat that messes around.

Tomorrow it'll be business as usual, because IOKIYAR, and God forgives Republicans, but not Democrats, apparently.

That doesn't mean people need to remain silent about it in the future. As I said above, I won't hesitate to remind people in whatever way I can. Probably won't change much, but it can't hurt to try.

As do most people, I detest hypocritical behavior. When I catch myself engaging in it, I verbally abuse myself relentlessly. I'll be sure to dish some of that out to the "holier-than-thou" Republicans who mysteriously forget this election ever happened next time a Democrat screws up.

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