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Meet up in the Rose City!

Ojibwa and state of confusion will be in town so we will be meeting with them at quilt central (home of Sara R and winglion).  There will be a pipe ceremony, a blessing of the quilts, and a potluck!  Please let me know in the comments if you are attending and what food you plan to bring.  I'll Kos Mail you with directions if you don't already have them.  Hope to see you!

Time:  noon, Saturday, May 25th.

1. Ojibwa
2. Sara R
3. winglion
4. Horace Boothroyd III
5. llbear
6. loggersbrat
7. Liz
8. also mom of 5
9. watercarrier4diogenes
10. quill
11. pdxteacher
12. Kitsap River
13. Charles CurtisStanley
14. ozsea1
15. Bluesophie
16. Regina in a Sears Kit House
17. Mr. Sears Kit House

Maybe attending:
1. Blue Jessamine
2. Lute
3. Mortifyd
4. Wood Dragon
5. Cedwyn

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