My name is Jonathan, and I'm the campaign manager for Barbara Buono, also known as the Democrat running against Chris Christie.  

Since I started working for Barbara I have frequently wondered – what goes on in Chris Christie's mind.  Last week, while Chris Christie was killing spiders, Barbara put forth a common sense proposal to reduce gun violence and make all of our families safer.  

Chris Christie punted on the tough issues - our proposal includes smaller magazines, universal background checks, and face-to-face sales of all ammunition. Gun safety advocates & victims of gun violence could not be clearer - less bullets means more lives are saved.

Christie’s “plan” offers shallow solutions. That isn’t right.  And that is why Barbara started running against Christie -- she knew New Jersey could do better.   Barbara knew it wouldn’t be easy to take on a YouTube sensation when she started running this race but that didn’t stop her.

And she won’t back down now. But Barbara can't take on Chris Christie and help pass meaningful gun safety reform without the help of the Daily Kos Community.  

Can you click here to add your name and send Chris Christie a message that it's time for real gun safety reform?

Christie loves to go on late night TV shows and cut up with the host. But one thing he has failed to do is lead. Under Governor Christie, New Jersey boasts the highest unemployment rate in the region, foreclosures are on the rise, and New Jersey’s property taxes are the highest in the nation.

These shocking facts are the ones that Christie wants us to forget about. He has already gone up on TV with a dishonest ad that doesn't tell the real truth about his record.  But we decided to do a little parody of his ad and tell the truth about his failed record.  

It doesn't matter if you are from California or New Jersey - you know that Chris Christie has to go.  If we get behind Barbara, we've got a real chance to win this.  But she needs our help now if we want to stop Christie.

Talk to you soon!


PS: I know you might be sick of getting asked for money, but we're facing millions of dollars that Christie has raised.  If you could click here and chip in $3 it would go such a long way to helping make sure we stop Christie.

Originally posted to BarbaraBuono on Thu May 09, 2013 at 01:27 PM PDT.

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