This is in response to a diary which asked where the activists are.

I don't know you.

For all I know you're Mother Effin' Theresa.

You spend your time working with disadvantaged kids raising funds for Organic locally grown food contributions for hungry homeless veteran minority infant abuse survivors.

Hellz I don't know. Maybe you're recycling information slips from migrant worker physics educational programs.

Whatever. Yeah. Maybe.

I don't know you.

But if you're wondering where the activism is...

....seriously dude.


If you're wondering where the ACTIVISM is.

If you're wondering where the down and dirty, get your hands grimy, Get out in public and get shit done, boots on the ground raising awareness for real honest to fucking god causes....

...if you don't know where those activists are...................

..............take a good long look in the mirror.

Where are the activists?

Where are the activists?


And they're working their asses off for nothing to make their communities a better place. They're kids, they're retired folks, they're middle aged dumpy old men, they're mothers and fathers and kids who have lost siblings.

They're everywhere. They're trying to feed the hungry. Educate people about recycling. Expand awareness of renewable energy. Improve health disparities.

Where is the activism?



I don't know you.

I don't know what you're doing.

But once you get in the circuit, get active, start striving to improve the world from a community standpoint you'll be humbled by the beauty and hard work and selflessness of people at every level....people who work their whole lives in anonymity for ZERO compensation or recognition because they KNOW it's RIGHT.

Where's the activism?

It's everywhere.

It's everywhere.

Get out there and do good things.

Activists will come out of the woodwork. And you'll meet people so dedicated you'll wonder, if you're like me, what the hell you've wasted your life on.

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