Did it really exist?  ...  How would we know?

Except maybe, by the random photo of it ...

World’s unknown species ‘can be named’ before they go extinct

by Melissa Hogenboom,  BBC News -- 24 January 2013

Most of the world's plant and animal species could be named before they go extinct, say researchers.

Writing in the journal Science, the researchers said it could be achieved this century.

This is largely a result of an increase in taxonomists -- the people who describe species new to science.

The scientists acknowledge that although there is an extinction crisis, they say the rates are lower than previously thought.

Well not really THAT low ...

So don't breathe too easy.

If HALF the Species go Extinct in the Forest, due to human ignorance and inaction ...

Did they really matter?

'Dramatic decline' warning for plants and animals

by Matt McGrath, Environment correspondent, BBC News -- 12 May 2013

More than half of common plant species and a third of animals could see a serious decline in their habitat range because of climate change.

New research suggests that biodiversity around the globe will be significantly impacted if temperatures rise more than 2C.

But the scientists say that the losses can be reduced if rapid action is taken to curb greenhouse gases.

However the researchers say that if global emissions of greenhouse gases are cut rapidly then the impact on biodiversity could be significantly curbed. If global emissions reach their peak in 2016 and temperature rises are held to 2C, then losses could be cut by 60%.

Declining Biodiversity, Species Loss, Water Wars, Lack of viable Habitat,

-- at some point Climate Change is going to matter.

And not just to the Species that are scheduled to just silently disappear ...

But also to the Species that just might survive them.

Quality of Life should have its demise in the forests milestones. Because THAT will ultimately be the true measure of it. The lives hopefully still worth living ...

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