The GOP has reverted back into their 2009 form, screeching over conspiracy theories.

This time, BENGHAZI is the new Death Panel, since it worked so great for Romney, and of course it is worse than anything Dick Cheney can remember.

And while Republicans distract you with bullshit yesterday they voted along party lines to end overtime pay for workers, giving your boss the new option to pay you in NOT MONEY.

    "I bet no matter who you are as a working parent, if you ask any mom and dad what they could use more of, it’s time," said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). "Washington should not stand in the way of any employer voluntarily offering this benefit or any employee choosing more time."

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  Wouldn't you rather have time INSTEAD OF money? The House GOP bill allows your employer the option of paying you in NOT money, just don't try to pay your rent in NOT money, your landlord will tell you that NOT money isn't a legal currency.

   Good luck trying to pay your bills with time instead of money.

   So you get to work for NOT money, you spend your time working earning time off, kinda like an Indentured Servant. Queue Romney surrogate Ted Nugent . . .

   The Nuge Immigration Plan (NIP) takes five years for even illegal immigrants to become Americans. Until then, they should be treated like indentured servants, meaning that they have to earn their citizenship.


  Latino outreach!

   While the Republican party does what it does best, which is inventing conspiracy theory scandals to terrorize paranoid and uninformed white people into hating everyone the GOP has traditionally hated, while the arrrgle barrgle of wingnut conspiracy theories floats through the GOP the Republicans in the House took time off from teh BENGHAZI!! campaign to impeach Obama/smear Hillary to do the one thing that really matters to Republicans, taking something away from working class people so the rich can get slightly richer. And how will paying workers in NOT money for overtime help the economy? Oh, nevermind that, what is important is the absolute HORROR of calling an act of terror a terrorist attack or not, or something.

   Classic shock doctrine. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance than bamboozle them with bullshit. And since Republicans could never sell ending overtime pay without a politically invented & Fox news promoted faux scandal to distract us this is how it passes the House. What's worse, House Republicans who voted to end overtime for workers only worked two days this week. You see, Indentured Servitude isn't just the Ted Nugent Immigration Plan, it's the GOP economic agenda.

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One commentator over at Drudge's funhouse for RW conspiracy theorists hits the nail right on the head . . .

Let me help you understand that, Goat.

Dems have the best interest of the working families of America at heart.

Repubs have the best interest of multinational corporations at heart.

This bill will allow corporations to deny overtime pay as well as comp time.

Overtime pay requirements are job creators.If an employer doesnt want to pay overtime premium, let them hire more workers.

This bill is a job killer and an employee oppressor.

Keep the 40 hour week.

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    Now, I linked to Drudge to prove a point, this story is not on the front page at Drudge, it is buried underneath a pile of witch hunting hair on fire conspiracy theories, half of which came from Alex Jones, the other half of which have been or will be on Fox News. This is how the Shock Doctrine works, distract the American public with BULLSHIT and then rob us when we aren't looking. Now, I know Republicans can be reliably counted on to scream BENGHAZI! and let loose the dogs of stupid because Republican voters are mindless saps who are amazingly easily to con out of their money, that's why they voted for Mitt Romney, but for the rest of us in the reality based world our job is simple, and that job is to make sure every one in America knows by the next election that House Republicans think the best way to fix our economy is to give workers the option of getting paid in NOT MONEY instead of money for overtime hours. Of course, I doubt House Republicans offer workers the option of paying  our bills in time instead of money any time soon, but that is why Corporations are people, whereas under the new Paul Ryan budget the rest of us have been downgraded to indentured servants.

   And is ANYONE in the media covering this? Nope. I mean c'mon, House Republicans just voted to end overtime pay for workers, it's not like they said "Act of Terror" instead or "Terrorist Attack" or some impeachment worthy offense like that.

(((bangs head on desk)))

End rant



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