Peaceful Progressives showing support after Sikh Temple shooting
Governor Scott Walker and his GOP cronies are still struggling to create even a fraction of the 250,000 jobs Scott Walker promised he would create during his first (and hopefully only) term. In a bold move to “create jobs” the Wisconsin Legislature’s budget committee has introduced a proposal that would:
... double the number of searches [the unemployed] make for a job from two to four a week, one of the toughest requirements in the country.
That’s right; the solution is to force people who can’t find a job look for more jobs. This Orwellian thinking only makes sense in GOPLand (the land that time and common sense forgot). Instead of doing something to raise wages and create jobs the GOP is doing everything it can to shift the blame for all that has gone wrong under Walker onto the unemployed and the poor. Can’t find a job? You aren’t looking hard enough. Need food stamps? You can only eat what we tell you to eat.

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