I came back!! I will continue the adventures of the "pleasebeflupleasebeflupleasebeflupleasebeflupleasebeflupleasebeflu", and the ER and the new MRI and my waiting in K's  ER draped area, sitting on a chair designed by Ivan the Terrible either mantra'ing or planning the "disappearance" of Nurse Ratchett from HHC, and fantasizing the worst possible place she could "disappear" to, with a lousy view.

Hmmmm.... mantra v. carcass disposal.... I don't think mantra will be very happy with me if that latter should occur. I shall keep fantasizing, tho.

Charcoal manufacturing plant? See? I'm a quark!

Monday I shall return, I will. There is so much more to go.

And I must tell you all how many times I have put my splotchy face in my hands after reading the comments, and wept because so many of you express not only concern, compassion, caring and (cut clarity carat colour, I'm stuck on hard C words....! and trying not to become splotchy again) and letting me know that, even with the weirdness of the vanishing/misplaced chapters (totally my fault), you want more of this tale and other lovely things that all writers want to hear.

And boy, am I listening.

One more tennis comment:

So, a Federer-Nadal final tomorrow. Believe it or  not, what with all excitement and preoccupation with this sport, you'd  think I had a stake in it. I don't.

I might be able to find "stakes" for certain hospital staff, though....


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