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1. An outcast.
2. A member of an indigenous people of southern India originally functioning as ceremonial drummers but later having a low caste or no caste.
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Dateline February 5, 2013:  Rep Eric Cantor addressing the American Enterprise Institute:
"We must continue to export jobs to our allies, such as China, India, Bangladesh, and Belgium. Just think if we had a factory collapse in New Jersey or Kentucky! All those republican voter lives lost! By exporting manufacturing jobs, we are safeguarding our workers. Besides, Walmart already donated $137,345 to my election campaign. We must do nothing to disrupt that cash flow.

Despite the public uproar over the 1700+ deaths in Bangladesh, caused by a collapsing factory building, not every retailer has decided to demand changes in worker safety. Here is the list of the 13 miscreants who refuse to do the right thing.

Some of them are expected, some should be expectorated. For example, instead of having a corporate soul, Walmart's detailed contract with Satan specifies to the penny just how many billions the sons and daughters of Wal will receive. Until they choke to death on Walmart foodstuffs, die of chemical poisoning wearing Walmart clothing, or get blinded from Walmart hair care products in 2015. (Satan and his spawn hate really long term contracts).

The surprises include Sears, Oshkosh, and Jacques Penney.  

Sears has been a failing, flailing, fallen fiasco for almost a decade. Their public relations has been pathetic, their store upkeep and displays look like a slum, and they have lost the confidence of many former loyal shoppers. So why would they refuse to do the right thing? Why do they refuse to demand safe worksites for their suppliers' employees.

Oshkosh? this used to be a beloved, wonderful company, with products that seemed never to wear out. Then it suffered from rampant MBAism, moving its manufacturing to Honduras and Mexico. A sale to a corporate viper named Carters followed shortly. When Mexico proved too expensive, Carters bRain tRust moved it to Bangladesh, where cheap materials and cheaper labor (with no regulations) could be found.

 Jacques Penney began following the motto of Ben Franklin about the same time that MBAers took over operations. Except, "A penney saved is a penney earned" can for only so long. So, improving on Ben's motto, they decided that paying a penny a day in wages would improve its profits, bottom line, and earnings. Where else but Bangladesh could that happen?

Here are the companies who refuse to demand safe workplaces from their suppliers.

foot locker
the child's place
american eagle
made in the shade
JC penny's

will you write any of those companies? Or boycott their stores?

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