Jimmy Buffet really pegged them, who knew?  (Hat-tip to Christine Todd Whitman, too.)

Wastin' away again in Sore Loserville,
Searching for their lost shaker of 'Cred'.
Some people claim that there's a Scandal to blame,
But we all know it's their own damn fault.

Just another wasted-day in Republican Paradise ...

Bush-Era EPA Chief Calls Republicans ‘Sore Losers’

by Amy Harder, National Journal – May 15, 2013

Republicans’ decision to boycott a planned committee vote of President Obama’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency made them look like “sore losers,” said Christine Todd Whitman, EPA administrator under President George W. Bush.

“They looked like sore losers when they walked out the way they did,” Whitman said of the decision last week by Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to not attend the planned confirmation vote of Gina McCarthy to head EPA.

“Transparency is an issue they’re going to go after,” said Whitman, noting the Benghazi investigation. “Whether it’s legitimate to go after it with EPA or not, I don’t know. I have my doubts.”

Whitman is not the only Republican EPA administrator to question Republicans’ strategy regarding Obama’s nominee. William Reilly, who was administrator under President George H. W. Bush, questioned why Republicans were holding up McCarthy’s nomination when they have not expressed any concern about McCarthy herself.

As I recall, those Hate-Govt Republicans don't much like the EPA either, so this blocking of its effective operation, their blocking of yet another duly excepted function of Government, one spelled out in the Constitution,

-- Isn't that the real "scandal" that someone should be investigating?


It's just another day in Republican Do-Nothing Paradise ...

Just another day in Stonewaller Distractionville ...

Where the wheels of good governing get all gritty with Sand.

Where nothing get done, and no one really cares,

And the Business of Government simply grinds to a Halt.

But hey isn't that point of choosing to live in Sore Loserville?

Where the locals kick and scream, and pretend like they really secretly Won ...

They woulda, shoulda, coulda -- IF only that other guy wasn't so damn good at it;

Good at actually talking to people, and finding of what they really want.


Curses foiled again!  Filler up Bar-keep. ... Ahh, Listen to those waves ...

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