Erick Erickson, a regular Fox News contributor and Editor-in-Chief at RedState, is a standard-bearer for conservatism in this country. He is also no stranger to demonstrating the magnitude of his ugliness.

As children were being pulled from the rubble in Oklahoma City, and as it became clear that the United States may have borne witness to the most tragic and horrific tornado event in human history, Erickson decided it was time for a Benghazi quip:

With horrific images filling our television screens, appropriately horrified responses poured in immediately, three of which are contained below:
Erickson's response? This is all you need to know about the compassion typified by our current conservative class:
I will hold the venom I feel on my tongue and suppress the bile I feel rising from the pit of my stomach as I watch the news and absorb the horrors in Oklahoma City.

But I will say this: as one with a fantastic sense of humor, I'm sure I speak for all progressives with similar dispositions when I say that it's not me, Erick, that's the problem here.

It's you.

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