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So, my computer is BORKED! I has a sad! :(

Am writing this on FloridaSNMom's computer, because currently my computer is not functioning.  Well, it is functioning but I'm running either Ubuntu or Chrome OS via CD drive.  

Dad is running some diagnostics while I'm working tomorrow evening...and hopefully something will be able to fix it.  Otherwise, I think I will have to take it somewhere and get it professionally looked at (which is an expense that I really, really can't afford right now).

According to the repair thing that runs via Microsoft they can't fix it through this program, and I have the option to send the data to Microsoft (which I do) and apparently there are no system restore points (nevermind Dad had set up some restore points when this particular computer was his....) so yeah.  That is where I am currently sitting with that.  There may be some change tomorrow night when I get home from work...but I'm not going to hold my breath on that account.

5:53 AM PT (FloridaSNMOM): Per Caedy's request I edited some of her typos. I could tell she wrote it last night at 11pm when she was half asleep! Her computer is booting to the windows error screen where it gives her options, like repair start up. Only it won't actually repair. When she's running Ubuntu via the CD drive it isn't even seeing the hard drive. So we're not sure what's up with that. I would think if the hard drive was fried it wouldn't boot up even that far, but obviously there's something wrong with it.

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