Ted Cruz doesn't let being the new boy stop him from non-stop talking.

He also doesn't let his ignorance stop him from telling other folks how its gonna be.

Dave Weigel, yesterday (emphasis mine):

At the moment, on the Senate floor, a Republican-Democratic coalition is blowing up at a rump of conservative senators for trying to pose extra conditions on the budget process. What Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Mike Lee want -- and have wanted -- is a guarantee that a debt limit increase cannot be included in the budget agreement that comes out of the House and Senate conference. It only takes 51 votes to pass a budget. Cruz, on the floor, has asked the Senate to preserve the "traditional 60-vote threshold" for raising the debt limit.
What is the basis for this "traditional 60-vote threshold" Cruz yearns for?

Nothing. He made it up.

Between 1939 and 2010, the debt ceiling was raised 89 times. How many of those increases were subjected to the "60-vote threshold"?


Steve Benen:

It's possible Cruz doesn't understand what "traditional" means, so let's make this clear: the word generally refers to established or customary patterns of thought, action, or behavior. In this case, the established, customary pattern is for the Senate to vote up or down on debt-ceiling increases, often as part of the budget conference committee process.

What Cruz wants isn't traditional; it's unprecedented. Those tend to be the opposite of one another.

He's an idiot.

UPDATE: The case is being made in the comments that Cruz is not an idiot, he is a calculating liar and sociopath. I can't argue against that.

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