I wanted to write a diary about the quilt for me and Green Mountain Boy 02, and I wanted to do it when I could post pictures, and when I could thank by name every single one of you who contributed to it and every single one of you who opened your wallets to make sure that my family could come up here and be with me for the funeral.

I have to write this diary, because it's too long in coming. I just wrapped myself in that quilt, just now, and I wailed, and wailed, and wailed. I cried out to an empty room.

I wish this would have been different, because what the community has done for me is huge. Thank you. All of you. I love you all and I'm not exaggerating.

We would have been married next month.

Two Men Who Loved Each Other More Than Life Itself.

Originally posted to commonmass on Wed May 22, 2013 at 11:17 AM PDT.

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