All of you doom-and-gloomers need to get a life. The economy is going gang-busters and I can prove it.

  For instance, sales of porsche (up 38% y-o-y), and lamborghini, and and mercedes all set records, while sales of Bentley and Jaguar are way up.

  How can that be interpreted in any way other than a great economy?

 Want more proof? How about this.

 At IYC, sales of yachts 60 to 100 feet have been "very strong," and the firm is starting to see "some life" with yachts priced $15 million or more, Elliott added.
   Over at Horizon Yacht USA in North Palm Beach, sales activity year-to-date has been "steadily busy" compared with the same period in 2012, said Elise Moffitt, a sales and marketing agent.
 So remember that when you want to buy your next megayacht and they don't have it in your color. Don't you just hate that?

  Still need some convincing? Consider this.

 Auctioneers are pinning their hopes on "über-collectors" to help London's summer art sales top last year's $1bn (£660m) total when the series kicks off later this month.
   The top two houses have put some of their most expensive works, worth more than £192m, on public show until Tuesday at their Mayfair galleries, hoping that pre-sale exhibitions might inspire impulse-buying from serious collectors making the London stop on the art trail.
 That right. Just think about the last time you were "impulse-buying" million dollar paintings.

  Want even more proof? There are always mansions.

 The luxury markets, which vary from a low-end in Atlanta of $750,000 to a minimum in Los Angeles of $3 million, are rebounding as buyers bounce back from the housing crisis. International buyers are fueling some purchases, with up to 20% of buyers in L.A. being from overseas, says Kofi Nartey, an agent at The Agency in L.A. Many of them are paying full cash, speeding up closings and eliminating the need for appraisals. He adds that there were 697 home sales over $5 million in California in 2012, an all-time high, many of which were all-cash deals.
    As for pricing, the highest sale in Mr. Cotton’s market in the past couple of years has been $19.5 million, while the Atlanta market has seen a $10 million sale. In L.A., Candy Spelling’s manor, which sold for $85 million, still holds the record in recent years. On list prices, Mr. Nartey said it won’t be long before the U.S. sees a $200 million listing — the record now is believed to be $190 million for a property in Greenwich, Conn. — but that many of these ultra-high-end properties are priced that way merely as a suggestion, or to invite only a certain caliber of buyers to the table.
 "A certain caliber of buyers". You know what I mean.
 So who here has bought there second or third luxury mansion this year? The first thing I'm gonna do when I finally get that sweet job at Burger King is buy myself one of those new Bentley's with all the bling so I can drive between my megayacht and my luxury mansion in style.

 Still not satisfied? How about a golfing vacation.

 The ultimate golf vacation is available for $74,450, though there’s a wait on the first tee.
   The 2014 trip departs from Maui, tees off in Fiji and ends 22 days later at Valderrama Golf Club in Sotogrande, Spain. Covering five continents, it includes 12 rounds and transportation on a customized Boeing 757 jet. Kalos Golf, a luxury golf cruise specialist, sold out the 78 slots and has a 21-person waiting list.
 A wait list? Are you crazy?

  So after reading all this, can anyone still say that the economy isn't roaring ahead? Where are those doom-and-gloomer bloggers? What do you say now, bobswern? If you can stop buying megayachts long enough to reply.

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