There is an excellent article in the UK independent that summarizes in an excellent way whats really happening in Syria.   Here is the link:

Only an all-out war can depose Assad. Anything less is like being 'half-pregnant'.

The author points out similarities between the Iraq and Syria situations and how unbelievable is the argument that the regime used "chemical weapons".

From the link above:

In fact, the evidence smells very like that for Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction in 2003. It begs the question of why Assad should use small quantities of sarin gas knowing it would be used to justify Western military intervention when his forces are not short of artillery and every other weapon if they want to kill people.
The author also compares the situation with what happened in Libya:
The rhetoric is similar to that used by then president Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron over the need to save the people of Benghazi from massacre in 2011. It is a measure of British and French cynicism that they hardly seemed to notice when, 10 days ago, militiamen in Benghazi, whom they formerly supported, shot dead 31 Libyans protesting against militia rule.
Media propaganda is an amazing tool.   It is inconceivable that after the destruction of 2 countries (Iraq, Libya) in unnecessary wars, another war may be in the stages of preparation using again "WMDs" or "chemical weapons" as an excuse.   It would have been really laughable if war was not so tragic.  This article is certainly worth reading for anyone who is interested to understand what is really happening in Syria.
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