Lake McDonald from Fish Creek

We are now counting down the days to the Most EPIC Meet Up of all -  Glacier National Park babyyyyy!

June 27- June 30th
Glacier National Park Kossack EPIC Meetup!

TIME: 24/7
LOCATION: Glacier National Park
 402 9th St W • Columbia Falls, Montana

ORGANIZER: Send arizonablue a kosmail to attend

  1. BlueJessamine
  2. arizonablue
  3. Mr.arizonablue
  4. Truman
  5. Ojibwa - arriving for the weekend
  6. MTmofo
  7. figbash!
  8. spottedbear
  9. jakedog42
  10. Oke
  11. cooltraveler
  12. Mr.cooltraveler
  13. state of confusion
  14. Lute the Norwegian
  15. Josh Blue
  16. Thinking Fella
  17. Blu Gal in DE
  18. NormAl1792
  19. winifred3
  Joan McCarter
  Ed in Montana
  BoiseBlue GF
  Dave in Northridge

Lake McDonald Lodge Shoreline - 3

Lake McDonald. GNP flickr.

Lake McDonald Lodge Shoreline (across the creek) - 7
Lake McDonald. GNP flickr.

Apgar Picnic Area - 4 [Shoreline View - Near West Entrance]
Apgar Picnic Area - 4 [Shoreline View - Near West Entrance]. GNP flickr.

Tentative Schedule of Festivities:


Wednesday June 26, Dinner hosted by azblu, mrazblu and New Day Mascot Truman. Special Guest NormAl1792 and beautiful wife winifred3!!

BBQ-Potluck at azblue's campground site -Sundance Campground in Glacier . Please kosmail azblue to and let her know what you would like to bring. There are several grocery stores in the area.

Friday June 28, Native American Ceremonies hosted by Ojibwa at Apgar Picnic Area near the West Entrance. Note* No cameras or recording devices during the Scared Ceremonies. Thank you

Saturday June 29, a hike in Glacier National Park.

Saturday June 29, Dinner that evening at the Lodge in Glacier hosted by Ojibwa and wife StateofConfusion.

Hopeful tentative activities:

Carpool to the Country Store

Photo contest:
Best Group

Best Bigfoot

Best flower p0rn. This competition will be judged by blueyedace2!;D


Best Nature - Wildlife:
Oregon Deer. ©BlueJessamine

Best Mountain Shot:
Marys Peak Mar. 19, 2013 053
Mary's Peak, Oregon. ©BlueJessamine

Best Dk Woozle:

Best Food p0rn:
Lute's Strawberry Crunch.©BlueJessamine

Best Outhouse:
Mary's Peak
Mary's Peak, Oregon. ©BlueJessamine

Best Daily Kos:
Mary's Peak
Mary's Peak, Oregon.

Special Photo Contest:
Best GTP imitation photo:
Funny Dkos

Best pNut and GTP imitation photo:

Funny Dkos

Best WTF?! photo:
Funny Dkos

Best Diva:
SFKossacks Point Reyes

SFKossacks Point Reyes

Winners receive a lifetime subscription to New Day!
R&R Crossroads Train

Please let azblue, jakedog or me know if you need a ride to or from the train station in Whitefish or the Glacier International Airport. Kosmail me for phone numbers.

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