I just read that this is what Snowden said  today.

From the link above:

Snowden said Monday, "Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give an American," slamming Cheney for the Bush administration's warrantless wiretapping and for "deceitfully engineering" the Iraq war.
Thats a classic.  Anyone who would disagree with that?   I doubt it.

Here is what the "patriot" Dick Cheny had said about Snowden:

Cheney: Snowden is a 'traitor,' possibly Chinese spy
"I'm deeply suspicious obviously because he went to China. That's not a place where you would ordinarily want to go if you are interested in freedom, liberty and so forth," Cheney said. "It raises questions whether or not he had that kind of connection before he did this."
Chinese spy? Huh? Dick Cheney at his best.   Hopefully he will continue attacking Snowden.
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