There are some subjects where EVERYONE who posts to a site such as this should have no disagreement about.

The violent crime that is the forcing of unwanted sexual attention on another person is one of them.

 I rarely get angry when I read a Diary but this person managed it.

Here is the bottom line on rape ...

A woman, any woman, should be free to walk down the street stark naked, and be safe from any kind of sexual assault.

There is no provocation, no woman ever "asked for it", and if you cannot keep your pants zipped absent a specific invitation to un-zip them, then you are a sexual predator and deserve all the punishment that can be meted out.

It is high time we dispensed with this arrant nonsense and started teaching our young men how not to be rapists, rather than spending all this time blaming women for being victims, and suggesting that it is they who need to change.

It isn't, it never was.

Sometimes, when I read the pathetic "concern" that men express towards women, followed by suggestions on how they may present less of a target to violent criminals, it makes me ashamed of my gender.

So listen up ...

Keep your dick in your pants, and your hands to yourself, unless and until you are told that you may proceed!

How hard is it? And when will our schools start drilling that message into guys before they become rapists?

Originally posted to Every Part of You Belongs to You on Mon Jun 17, 2013 at 11:23 AM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts and House of LIGHTS.

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