I'll be honest, I really haven't followed the Snowden story other than here. Mainly because this is the only place I really look for news.

However I am finding something interesting with Snowden and Manning.

I love the refrain 'THERE ARE LAWS, HE BROKE THEM SO SCREW HIM" echoing over and over interesting.

Here's why...

Many of the Founders were essentially whistleblowing about the crappy and tyrannical treatment that Britain was putting the colonies through.

Of course Britain was not all that fond of the colonies pointing out that they were being treated horribly so of course declared them in rebellion hence a war. Snowden and Manning and others are pointing out the legal yet illegal shit that our government is doing, all of the immoral crap that it does because those in power don't give a shit about anything other than lining their pockets, lining the pockets of their friends and turning the country into some twisted police state.

When they stand up and point these things out, the government does what governments who are well aware that they are in the wrong do, discredit, torture and imprison.

Now here's the funny part...we have tons of people here bitching that Snowden et al are traitors for doing the VERY THING THAT THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON.  Rebelling against authority when that authority is being abused.

So folks that are against Snowden and the whistleblowers, would you have been on the American side or the British side all those years ago?

Something to think about.


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