I attempt to do a little snark here with a playoff of Sara Palin.....This in her own words or what I think she would say in an attempt to start a new party.

I think I will pull a Palin here.   My apologies to all people with a brain.  
                        Speech given to adoring Fans who need a new Party

Oh you guys and gals know America is going to the devil with all of these liberals who want to take away our freedoms.   They are so ...so....Unamerican.  They want to give everything away.  The Republican party just sides with Obiden and Obama all the time.  You betcha..  They know they do not represent the will of all God Fearing people and they pal around and give people like ..oh what's his name ....the guy from Iran?   well you know who I am talking about... they just want to hug him closer because they  want everyone to like us , even those who can harm us.  Yes.. Yes this is how they think.  

I feel we need to start our own conservative party and let the tree of Liberty get watered again.   Jefferson said the Tree of Liberty must be watered by every conservative dog or something like that.    These liberals and many from my own party...want marriage equality?   Why?  It is not natural.  People who make these life choices should have to live with any inconvenience they brought on themselves.

 Any my bible says one must work before he eats so why are those liberal wanting unions to beg for more money?
 It is not God's intent to let someone eat  who didn't work for it.  No... Read it yourself.....   I think it is inbetween Moses and the Whale and Jonah and the Pharasees.  I know my bible.  

We must rise together and stand for our America that is free.   Free to make money and do whatever we want with it  and shoot whereever we want and kill our own chickens and let Russia worry about Danny Ellsbery or what ever the latest terrorist is who is selling our secrets to the Chinese.  We don't need him here sneaking around the IRS.  

I lost my first crown to a black woman.  I blame Affirmative action for this.  She was not prettier or more talented .. She was just darker than me.  That is where the real bigotry is..In the pageants.

Well...You see where I stand on these issues and let's just hug each other close and send some money to start a pac for another party.  We can even call it the Red Party as a statement against the Green party.   Green was never my favorite color. Well except for money.. ( wink wink).    I look so good in red. And you know what they say, the only difference between a freedom fighter and a pig?  Yep you betcha..lipstick.

Call me at 444-555-6666 and let's get that dog walking by the Tree of Freedom  and God bless you and God bless America.  

(snark big time from me)

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