This is going to be short and sweet. I know we have brilliant twitter commandos here and women need your help. We all need your help in pushing back against the attack on women's rights being waged across this nation.

UniteWomen.org, has just announced a twitter bomb against the forced birther hash tag
- #anantiwilltellyou


    UniteWomen.org UniteWomen.org ‏@UniteWomenOrg 11m

    Hashtag being used by anti-choicers is #anantiwilltellyou Pro-choicers are taking it over. Start tweeting now.... http://fb.me/...


To thank and cheer you on for helping push back against the forced birthers' lies, here's the latest from the wonderful Margaret and Helen.

If my Vagina shot bullets, could I conceal it from Rick Perry and John Kasich?

Margaret, if my vagina could shoot bullets it would have fewer regulations on it.  Plus, it would be easier to conceal from idiot politicians like Rick Perry and John Kasich.  And while that might be a bit graphic for even me, it’s a sad but very true statement.  We women in Texas (I can’t speak for the women of Ohio) are madder than hell and I think it’s time again for another Ann Richards to come make things right – God rest her soul.  Years ago she said that government should “open the doors and let the people in.”  Well ready or not, here we come.  And this time, we’re bringin a Harvard grad named Senator Wendy Davis.

For years now, Governor Perry has waged a war on women based on conversations he has with God and his pastor.  It’s a given that Rick’s god speaks to him in a male voice.  I am sure he has never considered the alternative.  According to his god, women can’t be trusted to make healthcare decisions.  As a result Perry has decided to make it hard for poor women (and soon almost any woman) to even have access to healthcare at all – problem solved.  When you gut funding for family planning, force doctors to perform unnecessary procedures on women (and only women) and then shut down dozens of women’s health clinics… well let’s just say it’s not a stretch to suggest that Rick Perry hates women.  But as far as his desire to end abortion, he doesn’t have a clue.  All of his efforts will simply decrease the number of safe, legal abortions and increase the number of unsafe, illegal abortions........


Go forth and do good works!  :)

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