Is it bonfire time?

An all female jury is hearing the trial of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. It almost seems that they've been picked to acquit. (or tell me I'm crazy below)

This case has been blown up in the media like the Rodney King trial was. There is no dispute that Trayvon Martin was hunted down and killed because he was black.

The only dispute is over whether or not that is legal under Florida law given the allegedly mitigating circumstances ie. that Zimmerman was getting his ass kicked and thus feared for his life.

CNN has a piece up on it's website right now titled "In Zimmerman's trial, it's a jury of millions" which contains this quote:"When the jury emerges from deliberations days or weeks from now to render its verdict in that Florida courtroom, you can bet the whole affair will end badly."

The prosecutor, after first not wanting to prosecute, decides to go for second degree murder instead of manslaughter, which is much harder to prove.

It seems to me that the bones have been piled up. The bonfire is ready, the tinder is dry as the people live in literal and figurative drought.  Occupy has been crushed. The middle east is in chaos. Fascism has openly returned in Europe. Our own middle class is trapped and being wrung dry. They are looking at the bankers and the fossil fuel companies and the interconnected directorships.

The people, you, me must be distracted. Hells Kitchen, Minute to Win It aren't effective enough. Justin Timberlake and Andy Murray aren't enough.

The Zimmerman trial might be the spark that provides the distraction. It might be designed to do so as one should never let a crisis go to waste. The DHS has their bullets and internment camps ready. The ghetto's of this country are desperate places filled with people who rightfully think that they have little or no chance to change their lot and that Martin Luther King would be shot a lot sooner today. (Or, have a car accident.)

People's attention has been called to this case as it's been hyped relentlessly.

Our militarized police forces are ready and able to put down any revolt. One which is provoked by the system so that it's poor blacks around the country creating fear in the populace so that we willingly trade freedom for security would do quite nicely for the powers that be. Divide and conquer, after all.

I hope I'm wrong.

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