It wasn't just some folks at Netroots who are unhappy with Pelosi over her equivocation over the NSA data dragnet. Now she is holding a panhandling event in the very very posh suburb of Belvedere with my congressman and these RUDE lefties are at it again.

Liberals to picket Pelosi at Dem fundraiser in Marin over NSA surveillance (VIDEO)

The throwdown will be outside the 2 p.m. fundraiser at the home of Steve Silberstein to benefit the DCCC. Minimum to get in the door: $1,000. Or you can write a big check for up to $32,400.

Pelosi was booed when she appeared at the seemingly friendly confines of the Netroots Nation conference last month in San Jose. The boos started coming when the subject of Edward Snowden was raised.

United by a group called Coalition for Grassroots Progress, there will be many current and former Dems among the protesters including Bob Harmon, former chair and current secretary of the American Civil Liberties Union — Marin County. The Mill Valley resident is a former vice-chair of the Democratic Party Central Committee of Marin.
There are a number of people in the list of protesters who are pretty significant people in the Democratic Party in Northern California. It seems that it is not just people who don't have any money to donate who are upset about this. That might give Ms. P a bit of pause.

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