I have a question about the latest Greenwald, Miranda, Poitras, Snowden flap.  I can't find an answer after about half an hour of searching.  The answer may be buried deep amidst the latest multi-thread battles between the good guys and Team Clapper, but I didn't see it.  And I was too busy yesterday to read all of that.

Here's the question.  We've learned that Snowden initially approached Greenwald.  Greenwald at first blew him off, annoyed about the complex technical instructions regarding encryption.

See, for example, http://www.slate.com/... .  Or just google "poitras snowden" for many such stories.

So Snowden eventually gave up on Greenwald and got in touch with Poitras.  Poitras, who is much more technically savvy than Greenwald (due to her own long harassment by the government) realized what Snowden had.  She was the one who persuaded Greenwald that he needed to pay attention.  Subsequently, she has had a byline with Greenwald on some stories, but he has taken the spotlight.

After Poitras's intervention, Snowden sent his documents to Greenwald.

So my question:  if Greenwald got the Snowden documents directly from Snowden, then why would he need to get additional Snowden documents from Poitras, as was alleged many times yesterday (there were many claims that Miranda was acting as a mule carrying Snowden documents from Poitras to Greenwald).

But does that make sense?

This diary is just this one question, which has been puzzling me for 24 hours.

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