Clearwater Beach, Florida
Max Greenberg at Media Matters catches Fox News in another "duh" moment. Thank you to Media Matters for watching so that I don't have to spend time pulling out my hair in response to the idiocy.

Fox News doesn't believe in climate change so it's hard for them to say "the word." So they just look around at the eroding Florida beaches like the fools they are and scratch their heads, asking, "What could be happening to Florida beaches?"

Fox News reported on the "very unusual problem" of diminishing sand at Florida beaches, terming it an "environmental ... crisis of the future." However, the network did not mention that phenomenon's connection to sea level rise, a major consequence of climate change.

On Tuesday's edition of Happening Now, correspondent Phil Keating checked in from Miami Beach to relate that some beaches in Florida are "running out of sand." This, he said, threatens the region's booming beach tourism industry and indirectly weakens an important buffer against hurricane damage as municipalities are forced to take sand from offshore to replace what has been lost. The segment went on to explain that Broward County, which contains Fort Lauderdale, has considered grinding up glass to substitute for sand:

Any mention of climate change? No.

Any mention of sea rise due to climate change? No.

Any mention of coastal development as part of problem? No.

Three strikes and you're out, Fox News. Fox News has been found to be a major driving force behind global warming denial. As I've written about here, the Republicans and their propaganda machine Fox News have humanity's "blood on their hands" with their major role in the disinformation and outright lies about the most important issue our species has ever encountered.

Check out the Media Matters link for more coverage.

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