Told you I had a video that would post.

Videos that will not post except at The Stars Hollow Gazette and DocuDharma-

* 5 x Five - Culture: Museums
* 5 x Five - Culture: Art
* 5 x Five - Culture: Food
* 5 x Five - Culture: Literature
* 5 x Five - Culture: Dance
* 5 x Five - Summer Roundup: Royal Baby
* 5 x Five - Summer Roundup: Trayvon Martin
* 5 x Five - Summer Roundup: Anthony Weiner
* 5 x Five - Summer Roundup: NSA

All Colbert all the time.

Now I will admit that my titles are sometimes cryptic and I no longer care much about Recommended or not or how much Mojo I got.  I have 5 bars, 52,000+ comments, 500+ diaries.

This is my 150th in this series.

Eight years.  I have to admit I'm into my other projects now.  I participate for sport and for my friends.  I've never taken refugee in the "community" tag, no subject is off topic and we can talk about Stephen, Jon, John, or just about.  It's not a critical decision.

Or we can talk about corn.  I've got lots of corn.

Oh, my other projects.  It was a good day.

The Stars Hollow Gazette/DocuDharma Digest

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* TDS/TCR (Beans) by: ek hornbeck
* On This Day In History August 29 by: TheMomCat
* Hubris by: ek hornbeck
* Punting the Pundits by: TheMomCat
* Joining the Party by: TheMomCat
* Why we can't have nice things. by: ek hornbeck
* Going Alone by: ek hornbeck

The Stars Hollow Gazette


* TDS/TCR (Beans) by: ek hornbeck
* Late Night Karaoke by: mishima
* On This Day In History August 29 by: TheMomCat
* Who Is a Journalist? by: TheMomCat
* Cartnoon by: ek hornbeck
* Cruisin' by: terryhallinan
* Where Were the Women in Washington? by: TheMomCat
* Going Alone by: ek hornbeck


This Sunday I'll be posting a guest piece for Anti-Capitalist Meetup on Labor Day and Solidarity Forever.

We will sing and dance in celebration.

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