We saw the shocking story last month. An Ohio woman's every earthly possession was carted away from her home while she wasn't there by a bank who went to the wrong house to  repossess. Ohio bank steals woman's possessions by 'mistake,' then refuses to pay up

Well now the exact same thing has happened to a Logan, West Virginia woman named Nikki Bailey.

Mark Plants Kanawha County Prosecutor: "A lot like taking someone's luggage my mistake at the airport. If I take black bag. a black piece of luggage and I get home and I realize once I'm home that this is not my bag, well this is not a crime this is an accident."

Homeowner Nikki Bailey's best friend Patty Fot: "Her life has been ripped out because there's no laws to protect these kind of situations. There's no law-no crime to charge these people with. They're getting away with it!"

Our laws still allow sloppy bankers to steal.

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