He has put himself and the party into a no win situation.

Watch Fox news, or listen to any of the right wing ding bats, you would think you were listening to reasonable isolationists in the world,

listen in to hear things like this:

let's not attack Assad until the facts are in, or what Obama is doing in NO different than what Bush did in his rush to war.
Obama needs to get approval from congress, but if he doesn't get it and goes in after that- he should be impeached.

They are making this into a false equivalence, Bush= Iraq, Obama= Syria = no difference between the two. The one distinction, is that they despise this president more, than they loving dropping bombs on Muslims.
Obama won't get the votes he needs, because the bulk of the representatives in congress either hate him, or are disappointed in him.

the war monger r's have painted themselves into their own corner, they may desperately want to go in, but they have lambasted and obstructed this president for so long, and so drastically that they can't publically support him even when they really want to blow something up.

If the DEMS go in without overwhelming support from the populace or the right wing nuts in congress, we look like war mongers. If we don't  get the votes in the House, Obama looks like a weak lame duck.
The R's despise the man,
D's are asking what has Obama done for me lately? Poverty, minimum wage, middle class economics, inequality, severe drug laws, no change in immigration, education in the toilet, NSA destroying every shred of privacy and integrity we thought we had, fixing the environment- nope, fixing wall street- nope, Chelsa formally known as Bradley manning- no help there. Sequester, senior citizen poverty- worse than ever- So exactly, why would the majority of D's back the president this one time he really needs someone to back him up?

Maybe, because he threw too many D's under the bus.
I am not saying we should go in, or that it's the right thing to go in, but he won't have majority backing to get in, and for that he only needs to look in the mirror.


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