Saw this when I clicked on Raw Story and posted it because (A) this jumped out at me and (B) I tend to agree. I thought it was ominous to see it because this has been my gut feeling since Zman was acquitted.

Steve Bracknell is the chief of the Lake Mary police department, which is investigating Zimmerman, 29, for allegedly threatening his estranged wife, Shellie, and his father-in-law with a gun on Monday.

In an email exchange with a Lake Mary resident critical of the department’s initial decision not to arrest or charge Zimmerman, Bracknell appears to agree with the writer’s description of Zimmerman, acquitted in July of murdering Martin, an unarmed black teenager, as “a ticking time bomb”.

“Zimmerman is a Sandy Hook, Aurora waiting to happen,” the resident, Santiago Rodriguez, told Bracknell in his first email, seeking an explanation for why Lake Mary officers did not charge Zimmerman.

“Your reference to Sandy Hook … I agree,” Bracknell replied.

The linked article is significantly longer and more detailed but it seems to me some professional law enforcement (A) exist and (B) have significant concerns that Zman is an absolute disaster waiting to happen. To me, this is law enforcement attempting to do it's true job - protecting the innocent from potential mayhem.

The original story is from the Guardian. The email exchange is here in its apparent entirety. The emails are in 'backwards" order, the 3rd email is presented first.

A citizen in Lake County emails the Police Chief and warns that Zman is a "potential Sandy Hook or Aurora" and in the police chief's follow up email, done as a numbered point-by-point reply it is point # 16 where he agrees with the citizen's concerns.

It also shows, again, what one (me) would expect from professional law enforcement actually doing their job correctly and detailing respect for the law versus all the constitutional violations we regularly expect and get from "law enforcement" in general, from the local thugs in blue to the N$A.

I posted this short bit to bring it to your attention; I don't believe it is 'conspiracy theory thinking' to imagine the danger Zman presents to some poor soul or souls out there when he finally derails: it is simple pattern recognition coupled with the fact he literally got away with murder.

[UPDATE] AlterNet has a lengthy article up as well.

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