You know, sometimes Kossacks need our help. I've been helped when I was down and out, by Kossacks, and in major ways. I think this is what we do for one another.

Which is why I took a Kossack into my house.

More after the croissant...

My father has said that only martyrs and Roman Catholics put themselves in bad positions, except for his eldest son--which would be me.

I live a bit of a charmed life because I have some benefits of family, but I also work hard. I have also been in some places whereby I have been helped by some Kossacks. Because I like to pay some things forward, I recently had a Kossack as a guest for over two months. I was quiet about it, until it came down to the horrible moment of a kind of eviction.

That was a horrible moment for me. Worse, it has been suggested that I'm the "bad guy". Even worse, it has been suggested that if I'm a "good Episcopalian" that I should simply shut up.

I'm not going to shut up. My husband died in February. I extended my Kossack friends that I thought I could trust, but could not. I took one into my house and found out that not only could I not trust her, but that it was the family decision that she must go away, and now.

Daily Kos is amazing, mostly because people who will goad you into something won't take personal responsibility for their actions.

I take personal responsibility for my actions: I helped a disabled woman who will not give me the time of day for having done it; I protected a large woman who has poor judgment even unto a bad word from my late grandmother; I had a woman living in my house who almost had to be extracted by the police because my willingness to do that was not respected.

Get to know the people you know on Daily Kos. No good deed goes unpunished.

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