Because people like the man in the linked story.

He saw a young lady walking. A fourteen year old as a matter of fact. He then offered two hundred dollars for sex. She refused so he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into his vehicle. He strangled her until she lost consciousness. He then threw her out of the vehicle and ran her over several times.

For refusing to engage in his pedophilia this child will never feel safe walking alone again.

She told police that around 7 p.m., Mendez offered her $200 to have sex with him. When she refused, she says he pulled her by the hair into his SUV and choked her until she passed out.

Witnesses reported seeing an SUV drive forward and back over the girl multiple times, according to WESH.

"I keep seeing it in my head," witness Shane Green told Click Orlando. "How do you do that to a little girl? . . . I started screaming at him He backed up, he literally backed up and hit her again and he went to take off because he heard us screaming at him. He hit his brakes and was spinning his tires on top of that little girl."

How did we as a culture get to this point where someone could even think this was acceptable?

I blame Reagan but he is, just as he was then, a sock puppet for those on the religious right that prefer women were chattel so males can crow about their "superiority" without contest.

I've tried things like reporting to the police activities where crime is inherent when I have encountered them on my frequent walks. But gave up on that when I was told there would be no report when I was shot by a pellet gun at a bus stop. Even though I got the plate, make and model and the car full of kids were coming from the direction of the high school with other student traffic. So to protect and serve the 1% was a rough lesson for me in that regard.

But what do we do as parents knowing people like this are running free and could be as horrifically violent as this man was?

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