Allow me to begin by saying that you don't know what you think you know. All the boogeymen that people try and create matter not at all if you don't support the very people taking an actual stand and putting their reputation on the line.

Do you want to know who they are scared of, and the reasons why?

“Some of (the counties) are as much as 80 percent black. So, demographically we have a solid, a non-self-governing territory. What we need to do in that area – and actually what our people have begun to do, Mississippi has more black elected officials than any state in the United States – and if we can now give that some political content, some direction in terms of what we want to do in terms of taking these electoral victories, these economic victories and teach the message that we know from long ago, of self-determination, of self-governance, self-economic development,” Lumumba stated.
Rightwingers are freaking.

So my Mom lives in Jackson and after reading this that was shared by an idiot I had a brain fart so I called  Mom. You see I remember her talking about the Mayoral race when all I wanted was Mama's cooking. It turns out that not only did she attend the mayoral debate and speak to Mr. Lumumba's son she actually worked on his campaign. My Mom is kind of a nut she supports those crazy lefty radical types but we still love her.

How dare he!!!

One of Lumumba’s primary goals as mayor of Jackson is to create a “solidarity economy” in the city. According to a report published by the Belfast Telegraph, a solidarity economy is an “umbrella term used to describe a wide variety of alternative economic activities, including worker-owned co-operatives, co-operative banks, peer lending, community land trusts, participatory budgeting and fair trade.”
There is your actual enemy. Everyone that thinks these are bad objectives.
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