I have a Republican friend with an ego problem. He kidded me and asked how I could survive with my Veterans Disability or Social Security disability checks not coming.
He said "this  is a good lesson, don't depend on the Government for anything,"
I lived in a house for 2 months without water because I had no money to pay the bill. Black garbage bags fit great on toilets  and I wont go into any detail how I managed to deal with the xxxx.
I learned how to borrow from pharmacies to help my son. Medic 1 told me about a hospital where I could get free supplies for him. I had friends bring me food and water and when I had something ,I shared. I have always been humble. Being poor showed me unconditional love. Life is not fair. Sometimes bad choices can hurt. Sometimes Bad people can hurt a lady taking a shower in my house this second. She works 3 jobs to care for her kids. I have a crush on her but I am old enough to be her Dad so I treat
her as a Gentleman should.
Every poorperson I know does not want to STAY poor. Higher wages now call for certain skills .If your 30 or older its tough to get those skills.
I say to all my Republican friends I wonder when you lost your soul.
I will make it without my Government checks and I will make sure all the people I know who get checks have what they need to survive. I love them.

Originally posted to Vet 65 on Sun Sep 29, 2013 at 07:40 PM PDT.

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