Ted Cruz vs Ted Cruz
Sen. Ted "Calgary" Cruz (R-Jonestown) gives himself a high five
On day three of the partial government shutdown, a new CBS News poll reveals that a large majority of Americans disapprove of the shutdown and more are blaming Republicans than President Obama and the Democrats for it.

Fully 72 percent of Americans disapprove of shutting down the federal government over differences on the Affordable Care Act; just 25 percent approve of this action. Republicans are divided: 48 percent approve, while 49 percent disapprove. Most tea party supporters approve of the government shutdown - 57 percent of them do.

Meanwhile, Democrats, independents, and people who don't support Obamacare are overwhelmingly opposed to the shutdown.

According to the poll, the GOP gets more of the blame for the shutdown, with 44 percent of Americans blaming them compared with 35 percent who blame Obama.

The poll was conducted on October 1 and 2, after the shutdown began.


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