Why your snark is unhelpful.
I have to say, I have seen Texas-bashing on Daily Kos now rise to a level that is beyond ridicule of the Louie Gohmerts and Ted Cruz's of the state. Yes we have Teabaggers, yes we have guns, yes we have some serious problems.


Last I checked, the whole country was being held hostage by the nefarious and childish antics of these people. Every state has teabaggers, every state has racists. Every state has crazies who want to take us over the edge.

I get snark, I get it, I do. I live in Texas. I see this shit all the time. I get it. Ha ha.

Want to do something about it? Jump the fancy longhorns for something productive...

Texas used to be a Democratic state, and it is going to be again. We have good people, a killer economy, amazing cities and even a gay mayor of the 4th largest city in  the US, Houston, home of that NASA place that people in the other diary on the rec list want to sell to "some Middle Eastern country" (really?) or to China. They want to hide-rate Texas. LOL.

This does not help. If you want to see Wendy Davis instead of Greg Abbott, we will need out of state dollars and out of state volunteers. This hurts that fundraising and volunteer effort.

If we divide ourselves because of Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert, the economic terrorists WIN. Yes, I went there.

Wanna help? Stop bashing Texas and start working for positive change.

Wendy Davis for Governor

Battleground Texas

Texas Democratic Party

Please be kind to each other. We need your help.

Turning Texas blue is a key to 2014, y'all. long, long coat tails here...

9:47 AM PT: Just to make clear to everyone, I am not bashing the other diarist, I am bashing the bashing. I try really hard to be respectful on DK, and I am the first one to admit my mistakes when I make them, in diaries or in comments. I made a comment in the other diary that was out of line and I apologized to the diarist for that remark and we have agreed to disagree.

I am all about civil discourse, so if you comment here, there or anywhere, let's try not to get inflamed. I fell to that once so far today and don't intend to do so again.

Passion is great, but words hurt and divide. And that is kind of what this whole thing is about.


As Democrats we are all in this together.

I see from the response to this diary that we have a lot of people invested in what happens in the Lone Star State. Please consider following our new group, Turning Texas: Election Digest. We will be running diaries about Texas elections all up and down the ballot from here on out.

If you would like to contribute a diary to Turning Texas, request an invite by clicking on the group homepage and selecting "send message". An admin will respond.

Thanks for your interest and passion. It is an uphill fight, and we have no guarantees, but together we can make the change we seek.

   - bastrop

Turning Texas is a new group electoral clearinghouse for Democratic races in the Lone Star State. That means Wendy Davis and every other Texas race. We welcome all contributors with an interest in and knowledge about Texas electoral politics.

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