Well Mr. Messer, now is the time to put up or shut up. If the Senate passes the debt agreement today as expected, the House vote will likely consist of most or all of the chamber's 200 Democrats joined by some -- but probably not a majority of their Republican colleagues in supporting it. At least 20 or so Republicans would still need to back the Senate plan for it to pass. Are you truly willing to compromise or are you just going to continue to grandstand on the faux crisis that you instigated? Your irresponsible action has cost this nation an estimated $160 million a day, not counting the long-term impact on our economy. If using the debt limit to negotiate is such a "common sense approach" as you allege, then will you also accept a common sense solution to the problem? This wasn't about government spending; it was about a minority of congressmen in one party trying to get their way. You failed in doing that but what part of our nation are you willing to take hostage next time to get your way?

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